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At Adventure Weddings, we love catching grooms at their very best on their destination wedding days. Our goal is to support our happy couples to enjoy their celebration – from arrival through to their ceremony. In addition to providing event planning expertise and day-of event management help, we are always collecting tips and best practices to elevate your experiences and mitigate your stress.

In the spirit of uplifting the man of the hour, we’ve given some thought to the ways grooms can prepare for their destination wedding, so they look and feel ready for their debut down the aisle. After reading this blog all about grooms, reach out to our Adventure Weddings team to find out how we take destination weddings to the next level by providing holistic support to couples from around the world.

How to Get Ready for Your Destination Wedding (Groom)

1. Get enough rest to look your best

We know better than anyone how much fun destination weddings can be. With that said, between the sun, sand, partying and cocktails, it can be easy to get carried away with the celebration and forgo rest and relaxation. While this is all well and good after the big day, when you want to look refreshed, you need to take some time for yourself and prioritize sleep and hydration.

You need to look your best

2. Make sure you and your bride are on the same page

From your arrival time to the flow of the photography, ensuring you and your partner are on the same page will help reduce rushing around and any unnecessary stress. Having conversations leading up to your wedding day and having everything written down ahead of time will make things easier on the day of – even while you and your bride juggle your various priorities and events.

Make sure you and your bride are on the same page

3. Choose guests & groomsmen you can count on

This is a big one. When you host a destination wedding, your guest list will likely be more intimate than it would be at home. So, when picking who will stand with you on your special day, put in the time and thought it takes to make certain they will make your day easier and more joy filled, rather than creating an unnecessary stress or inconvenience.

Choose guests & groomsmen you can count on

4. Dress to impress and feel your best

The bride’s dress is always a highlight of the day, but as the groom, you also deserve to treat yourself to an outfit and accessories you love. Be it shoes you can really shake it in or a tie that speaks to your quirks, what you wear gives you the opportunity to showcase your unique personality. Just make sure you take care to pack your clothing carefully, protecting it against wear and tear, and confirm your hotel will make a steamer or iron available.

Dress to impress and feel your best

5. Nail down your grooming ritual and don’t forget your favorite tools

Destination weddings are ideal for so many reasons, but one thing we don’t recommend doing once you’ve landed in the Caribbean is trying to give yourself a haircut or beard makeover. Book in with your barber right before you get on the plane, so all you need to do on the day-of your wedding is a little trim and a lot of moisturizer.

Nail down your grooming ritual and don’t forget your favorite tools

6. Double and triple check you have everything you need

If you are responsible for the rings, keep them in a special spot and send yourself a note on your cell phone so you don’t forget exactly where that is. Give your speech to your best man, your boutonniere to your dad and your bride’s gift to someone who can trust to deliver it on time. The moral of the story? Leverage your loved ones to reduce the number of things you need to remember the day of, so you can focus on enjoying your day.

Our Adventure Weddings team loves our beautiful brides, but grooms, we are here for you too. Reach out to our professional wedding planners and event managers today and learn how we keep couples happy before, during and after their destination wedding.

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