Stumped on How to Propose to Your Partner? Here Are Creative Ideas

You and your partner are head over heels for each other. You’ve been inseparable since the moment you first got together, have made it through ups and downs, and even met each other’s parents. You’ve realized that your partner is the only one for you, and now it’s time to propose! 

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While you know that you want nothing more than to be engaged to your significant other, you’re not quite sure how to propose to them. You don’t just want to get down on one knee like everyone else; you want to do something creative and exciting that you and your partner will both remember for years to come. If you’re struggling to plan the perfect proposal, don’t fret! We have a list of some of the best creative proposal ideas that your sweetheart will surely say “yes” to. 

But First, Find the Perfect Ring

Engagement rings are an essential part of any marriage proposal, no matter how simple or extravagant. To find the perfect ring for your partner, you’ll want to do some research on the different types of engagement rings that are available. You’ll also want to factor in your significant other’s personal style. Consider what type of jewelry they like to wear so that you can choose an engagement ring that they’ll love to wear every day of the week. When looking for engagement rings, the first thing to consider is the shape of the diamond. There are a number of popular diamond shapes, including: 

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  • Round Brilliant – A circular diamond that’s cut for maximum sparkle. 
  • Oval – An oblong diamond that elegantly elongates the look of the finger.
  • Emerald – A rectangular diamond that gives off a timelessly chic art deco look. 
  • Pear – A diamond with a teardrop silhouette that elongates the finger while also providing depth and sparkle. 
  • Trillion – A triangular diamond that adds a bit of flair to a traditional engagement ring setting. 
  • Princess – A square diamond with an angular bottom facet that combines classic and modern looks.
  • Radiant – A diamond that combines the rectangular shape of Emerald diamonds and the curved edges of Round Brilliant diamonds for a truly unique look. 

Once you’ve picked out the diamond shape, you’ll want to consider the different engagement ring settings available to you. There are a variety of popular settings, including: 

  • Solitaire – Holds a single diamond with four prongs to show off the stone’s brilliance. 
  • Three Stone – Holds three stones in the center of the ring with one larger primary stone flanked on the right and left sides by two smaller stones for even more sparkle. 
  • Bezel – Holds a single diamond internally with a metal rim around it for a more understated look. 
  • Halo – Holds a single diamond surrounded by a ring of smaller diamonds for an even more brilliant look. 
  • Cathedral – Holds a single diamond aloft from the base of the ring band for an elevated appearance.

You’ll feel confident that you’re getting the best engagement ring for your spouse by doing the proper research on rings before your purchase one.

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Propose In a Meaningful Place

Once you’ve locked in the ring, you’ll want to choose the perfect place to purpose. Below are some ideal proposal location options: 

Where You Had Your First Date

There’s nothing quite as romantic or nostalgic as returning to the location of your first date to propose. Frame the proposal as a date or anniversary dinner and surprise your loved one with the night of a lifetime. 

On an Outdoor Adventure

If you and your partner have a flair for the outdoors, propose to them while on your next camping trip. Find a perfect lookout point, and while they’re admiring the view, get down on one knee and wow them with the ring you got them. 

At a Famous Landmark 

If you want your proposal to be a bit of a spectacle, propose at a famous landmark, like Times Square or the Grand Canyon. There’s no doubt that you and your partner will ever forget your proposal at such an amazing place. 

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Include Friends and Family 

While your marriage proposal is all about you and your significant other, it can be a great idea to include friends and family. Either have your posse hide around the area where you’re proposing to snap candid pictures or set up a get together afterwards that you can surprise your future spouse with. 

Here Comes the Perfect Proposal

While coming up with the perfect marriage proposal can feel intimidating, with a little bit of preparation and creative thinking, you’ll be able to wow your significant other when you pop the question. Be sure to research engagement rings to find the perfect one, choose a memorable location, and include friends and family to boost the joy of your proposal. Once your partner says “yes,” it’s time to celebrate!

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