Plan a Perfect Engagement Session Photo Shoot

Dress For Success.

You must ensure your outfits are comfortable with the activity and location you will visit. Then choose styles and colors that match.

Sweat, wind, humidity, and landscape colors are some elements that will impact your outfit decision and make you look harmonious and comfortable for your portraits.

I have an article on outfit planning for your Puerto Rico outdoor photo session, but I want to emphasize that choosing outfits that feel true to you and your body will make them feel less like costumes and more like second-skin.

Anything that you need to tug and fix every time you move, consider leaving it at home.

And don’t forget the shoes!


Communicate, communicate, communicate.

Before even booking your couples shoot, talk through your ideas and expectations with your photographer, but also with your partner.

If you’re unsure of something, ask questions. As I’ve mentioned before, drawing inspiration and relating to previous works in the photographer’s portfolio is essential: this is how your pictures will look, too. 

Also, communicate with your partner about what excites you and worries you about the photo session.

This will open up opportunities to set yourself up for success and ensure everyone is comfortable and happy with the final product, even before the shoot.


Trust Your Photographer.

It will help if you trust your photographer: this will help you relax and perform better on the portrait shoot. They’ve been doing this for years, and they know what works.

Please don’t feel pressured into anything, but let your photographer create and trust their vision.

Sometimes, I tell my couples, “let’s try something; if it doesn’t work with you, you still have a hundred more images to use and choose from!”


Have Fun –And do the work!

You’ve probably heard the saying “be yourself” before. It means being true to yourself and not worrying too much about other people’s thoughts. 

However, when it comes to photography, you might feel that your photographer expects you to act in a particular way. I don’t need you to be or pose in any specific way: I need you to get there happy and in love. I’ll do the rest! 

Your photographer needs to see the real you so they can photograph authentic images of your relationship. I like to tell my clients I want them to forget about everything happening around us and focus on each other.

Build trust with your photographer, follow and connect with them on social media, and do the self-work to bring your best self to your portrait session.

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