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If you look at the word “beautiful” it’s undeniable that the picture right next to it would be Sarah Houchens. The Instagram model is famous online and has instilled herself within the hearts and minds of every single fan thanks to her smoldering looks, her hypnotic allure, and most popular of all, her peachy bum. 

Her glutes are to die for and it’s quite obvious she puts a lot of work, love, and care into maintaining them and her legs, hitting the gym for rigorous workout routines to keep in shape. Her dedication is admirable and it’s not quite hard to understand why people are crazy about this amazing athlete. After having the incredible opportunity to feature her on the Fitness Gurls Magazine, today we take a look at the 10 times she’s absolutely left fans speechless with her fiery persona.

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Red Hot Bikini 

When it comes to Sarah Houchens making a lasting impression, she’s an absolute pro. The post made by her as she stuns and delights fans in a red bikini giving them ample view of her incredible curves and all the hard work that goes into maintaining her glutes that’s possible is a perfect example of that.

Houchens gives the camera that mesmerizing look as only an accomplished model like hers can and her elite body takes care of the rest. This picture was more than enough to light up the comments section in full force, full of people calling her “sizzling” or a “beautiful queen as always”. All understandable sentiments, of course.

Sarah Houchens

Ride of a Lifetime

Sarah Houchens dropped some straight fire for fans to enjoy, this time posing near a Moke Jeep in a tropical setting in a matching green teal bikini. Making it all look effortless, the IG model shows everyone how it’s done and just why it is she’s one of the top models working in the field today. Though the backdrop is relaxing and chill, It’s Sarah Houchen’s body that steals the show here, as that teal bikini perfectly compliments her gorgeous frame, much to her fans’ delight.

Houchens captioned this post by saying “Worth the ride.” to which fans were quick to comment on the fact that any ride featuring her is just about perfect, leaving her comments like “it couldn’t be better” and “no doubt!”. Some opted for a simpler yet effective approach such as a barrage of fire emojis, which is fair to say since she did drop some straight-up heat for them. 

Sarah Houchens

Sarah Houchens for Fitness Gurls Magazine

And of course, we’d be remiss not to share a picture of the stunning beauty from her feature from our very own mag. Posing for Fitness Gurls Magazine, Sarah Houchens brings her top percentile physique, her iconic peachy-goodness, and that beautiful, alluring gaze of hers to fans all over the world. 

Her long blonde hair and signature stare into the camera from behind was bound to give people heart palpitations, judging from the comments section which seemed to be enjoying the view.

“Certainly is gorgeous,” said one, and “Certainly is gorgeous,” said another comment, both attesting to the undeniable fact that Sarah Houchens is nothing short of absolutely stunning. 

Sarah Houchens Instagram

Waves ‘n Wanderlust

Sarah Houchens channels her ‘Baywatch’ in this stunning photo of her down by the beach. This picture is a testament to her modeling capabilities and the artistry that goes into her work. Armed with a green bikini down by the beach, Houchens was captured at a picture-perfect moment as the waves splash against her, creating a truly memorable and alluring photograph of the IG famous model. 

Captioning her post “comes in waves”, it was absolutely fitting considering the beautiful sight her fans were treated to. The comments section showed people’s jaws on the floor with them saying “God, what a girl”, “You’re absolutely beautiful Sarah” and some people commenting on the waves emoji playing along with the theme of her shoot.

Sarah Houchens


Golden Goddess 

A stellar shot in its own right, Sarah Houchens gets comfy taking in the rays of sunlight as she relaxes in a beautiful bikini. The best thing about this shot is Sarah Houchens’ sheer talent on display, as she makes these amazing poses seem so relaxed and effortless. The process of creating an amazing shot such as this is not an easy one, but she sure makes it seem so! 

Her beautiful spotted brown bikini is an absolute delight as it looks phenomenal on her, and her gaze is enough to light up any room she enters. 

Sarah Houchens Fitness Gurls

Throwin’ it Back

Sarah Houchens declares a throwback dressed in a stunning sleeveless denim jacket and an orange G-string bikini whilst reading a magazine. 

There’s really nothing much to add to this other than the fact that she has a penchant for leaving people speechless. This post by her is no exception to the rule, either. Fans have come to get used to opening up their IG accounts to some straight-up peachy goodness by the peach queen herself, and this is such a stellar example of that very fact.

Sarah Houchens is a beautiful, gorgeous woman that can rock any outfit, throwback-inspired or not. 

Sarah Houchens Ohrangutang

Bold ‘n Beautiful 

Sarah Houchens poses in a bold and daring photo of herself topless and in a skimpy bikini leaving very, very little to the imagination. Fans are treated to ample view of her gorgeous and curvy back, her iconic glutes steal the show as always here though, but Sarah Houchens knows how to steam things up for the fans and all in the name of good content, too.

The backdrop of the image is moody, and dark and highlights her as the subject of admiration too, which is a very underrated but amazing detail in this all too dreamy photo. You know what they say if you’ve got it, flaunt it!

Sarah Houchens Fitness Gurls

Fancy a Drink?

Name a better view than Sarah Houchens in a beautiful, shiny black skirt and a drink in hand. You probably can’t, and that’s absolutely okay because very few views match the absolute sultry one on display right here. 

Sarah Houchens shows off her chic side, as she’s seen here in full on glam-mode. Her beauty is captivating and she never ceases to dazzle her fans with a peek at the glutes she works tirelessly to maintain. Looking like an absolute vision here, she’s a sight to behold, that’s for sure.

Sarah Houchens

Black Bikini ‘n Washboard Abs

Sometimes, there’s beauty in simplicity, because sometimes all you need in your life is a picture of Instagram beauty Sarah Houchens posing in a gorgeous black bikini. Simple. Effective. Beautiful. Those are the words that come to mind before you lose the ability to form constructive thoughts as her hypnotic gaze lures you into the photo, drawing you in until you can’t help but appreciate the absolute gorgeousness on display here.

Though famous for her glutes, Sarah Houchens’ washboard abs are underrated, but also trained to perfection. To train that hard for a physique like this is admirable, to say the least. Suffice it to say she’ll be sending a lot of people to the gym by motivating them to get a dream body like hers.

Sarah Houchens

Lingerie Dreaming

Sarah Houchens can rock a lovely pair of blue lingerie and look smoldering hot while doing so, too. The captivating and charming model absolutely amazes fans with a gorgeous view of her taut tummy, aesthetically pleasing quads, and that iconic all-too-beautiful wavy blonde hair. She looks like an absolute vision in this blue lingerie set and was guaranteed to satisfy all the fans that look forward to a post from her to make their day.

This was further reflected in the comments section with fans complimenting her beauty by saying “incredible figure”, and “blue looks good on you, even celestial”

Her beauty is indeed on a celestial level, for sure. 

Sarah Houchens

Sarah Houchens is one of the best and most beautiful models in the business and fans of hers can expect to see her only climb her way up to the top further from here on out. With a penchant for dressing to the nines, her elite body and iconic glutes, it’s not hard to see why she’s so beloved by her fanbase online. We’re immensely excited to see what she does next.

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