Wedding Ideas Inspired by the 2022 Pantone Color of the Year

The start of a new year allows us to refresh and reset for new beginnings and changes in our lives. For Pantone, the start of the new year brings a new Color of the Year. This year’s color will give brides inspiration for different styles and themes for their special day. Introducing, Very Peri!

Very Peri Pantone Colour of the Year


This year’s color is special as it is the first time the color was invented by the brand. Pantone describes the color as “a spritely, joyous attitude and dynamic presence that encourages courageous creativity and imaginative expression.” The color perfectly aligns with what every couple hopes their wedding day represents – joy, creativity, and expression. From the traditionalist to the trend-setter, every couple can be inspired by this vivid color. 

Add Very Peri to Your Wedding Day Color Palette

wedding invitation with two wedding bands

As Very Peri belongs to the blue color family, the options are endless for incorporating it into your wedding day. This color allows for flexibility and can be applied to a traditional, boho, or modern theme. From flower arrangements, bridesmaid dresses, cakes, or mood lighting, there is so much potential with this Pantone’s 2022 Colour of the Year. Learn how you can easily add this unique color to your wedding celebration. 

Elevate Your Invitations with Very Peri

With its expressive and dynamic nature, Very Peri can easily be integrated into your wedding invitations. Add an element of creativity with colored paper in shades similar to Very Peri like periwinkle, or lavender. The color also partners beautifully with more neutral colors like white, beige, and blue. For the traditionalist, add Very Peri as a contrasting font color on your invitations.   

Very Peri in Nature

Peri themed wedding flowers

It’s easy to blend this Color of the Year into your floral arrangements as it naturally appears in nature! You’ll have many flowers and arrangements to select from. Choose blue hydrangeas, periwinkles, vanda orchids, or alliums to add elements of the color and to make a statement. This color can add a subtle pop of color to a trendy bouquet of greenery or traditional roses.

Best in Fashion with Very Peri

Peri coloured bridesmaid dresses

An expressive way to showcase this color is through fashion. This hue offers lots of flexibility when it comes to dresses, tuxes, or accessories. Purple bridesmaid dresses have been a staple color for weddings for decades. Add a new elevated touch by selecting colors that are similar such as wisteria, lavender, or iris. It can also make for a sharp accent color to any suit. Think of adding a Very Peri colored tie or pocket square to highlight this dynamic color. Still looking for your something blue? This color has you covered!

Let Them Eat Cake

Peri coloured destination wedding cake

Cakes at a wedding have taken on a life of their own. Couples are looking for wedding cakes that express their love and relationship. Many are looking to showcase the latest trends and styles in their cakes. This is where Very Peri can truly shine. Whether you’re looking for a more traditional style or something modern like naked cakes, this color can easily be integrated. Cake is the star of the show with flower arrangements sitting on top of the tiers. If you decide to not have a cake at all, the color can easily be added to cupcakes, donuts, or cookies!

Set the Mood with Very Peri

Peri coloured lighting at destination wedding reception

Emotions play such an important part in weddings and many themes revolve around setting the tone of the day through color. When you are ready to set the mood for your celebration, Very Peri is here for you. It’s the perfect color to use to create a bold table setting. Use it on the dance floor to create an intimate mood for your first dance. Bring joy to your guests with unique cocktails in this hue that you’ve selected for them. It’s not a matter of ‘if’ but a matter of ‘where’ you can use this color in your event space.

Complementary Colors for a Very Peri Wedding

While there are lots of opportunities to add this expressive hue to your wedding day celebrations, there are also many options to make it a complementary color. As a part of the blue family, Very Peri lends itself well to be paired with soft, bold, or fresh color palettes. Here are some colors that are a perfect partner for Very Peri.

  • Blue – As a part of the blue-color family, Very Peri is the perfect match for any blue colors in your wedding. The calmness of blue with Very Peri’s touch of violet-red brings warmth and allows for pops of color to shine in a sea of blue.
  • Grey – As a staple neutral, grey is perfect to pair with Very Peri. If you’ve selected grey as your primary color, Very Peri makes for a beautiful accent color. Whether it is saturated or muted greys, you can easily experiment with this color combination.
  • Green – The variety of shades of green lends itself well to be paired with this blueish hue. Green as a wedding color is a staple and isn’t going anywhere in 2022. Add a fresh note with moments of Very Peri to highlight deep shades of green. The options are endless with these naturally occurring colors!

Let Us Help You Add the Color of the Year into Your Destination Wedding

Whether you’re looking to add pops of color or fully decorate in Very Peri, we can help make those dreams a reality. Our professional destination wedding planners will help you design an experience that brings your vision to life. Our wedding planners are up to date on the latest trends and traditional elements that will make your celebration special.

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