Meet our Fellows: Halimah Tariq – ConnectHER

Which classes did you teach in your Fellowship workshops?

I teach the art of camera angles, script writing as well as video-editing.


Was there anything difficult about moving from filmmaker to film instructor?

Definitely! Transitioning to a teacher is a huge responsibility, but at the same time it’s extremely fulfilling. The mistakes I made as a filmmaker and the struggles that I experienced have given me the opportunity to pave a smoother road for my students. I truly want them to see filmmaking as an achievable goal, without any of the additional hurdles and the unnecessary disappointments. Having a mentor to guide you in this field goes a long way, and it’s something I wish I had when I first started out.


What have you learned from the Fellowship or your participants?

I’ve learned that promoting filmmaking, particularly documentary filmmaking, inadvertently fosters an empathy for activism. I’ve experienced first-hand how my students’ perception of the world around them has changed, and how willing they are to become an active part of society’s movement towards acceptance, by using film as a medium. 


What impact do you think the Fellowship workshops had?

It’s been a pleasure running the workshops, the feedback is always so positive and wholesome! Hearing students share how they’re now “more familiar with the process of creating a film”, and that they feel “so much more confident now in wanting to pursue a filmmaking career path”, are just some of the many satisfying takeaways from the fellowship.

One of the most memorable messages I received was from my student, Ayesha Umar:“It was an incredible experience learning about the process of filmmaking starting from the very basics- Ma’am Halimah’s workshop has really impacted the way I view films and I can’t wait use the skills I’ve learned.”

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