Dr Bri Explains the Importance of Mindset with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

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Earlier this year, I had the chance to speak with Dr. Branne Grogan of Femfusion Fitness (now Vibrant Pelvic Health) about the importance of mindset when dealing with pelvic floor dysfunction. She explained how the only way to really make change is to get the body to feel safe. Whether it’s riding the wave with overactive bladder or trying to calm down pain signals, finding ways to release tension and relax is the key to overcoming pelvic floor dysfunction.

For those of you who don’t already know Dr. Bri, she is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who has been inspiring both women and men to improve their pelvic health through her YouTube channel, her book, her podcast and her video courses (Lift for Prolapse, Overcome for Women and Overcome for Men). Dr. Bri’s YouTube channel has 600+ videos and over 200K subscribers. She posts weekly exercises videos and has an amazing pelvic health podcast with 80+ episodes.

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