The Fall Fashion Trends That Are Going to Dominate 2022

Once mid-August hits every year, fashion lovers feel a subtle change in the air—hardly noticeable, but recognizable nonetheless. Suddenly, putting on shorts just doesn’t feel quite as enticing, and every time a closet is opened, their eye lingers a little longer on the blazer that hasn’t seen wear in a few months. We know what’s happening: Fall fashion is suddenly rumbling under the surface, patiently waiting for a sub-70 day to make its glorious debut for the year. 

Sure, summer is blissful in its own right, but we’d be hard-pressed to find someone that doesn’t welcome the beautiful, crisp first days of autumn with open arms. No matter how much you love the warmer months, after weeks of heat, the thought of wrapping yourself in a cozy sweater and swapping out your sandals for a pair of chunky loafers is a welcome change—and that change is nearly here.

Fall 2022’s trends are waiting for no one, and it’s time to adjust our priorities accordingly. Hang on tight: Your dream fall wardrobe awaits.


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Source: Chloé

Yea yea, we know, leather is always in for fall. But this year’s take on leather is completely refreshed, coming in edgier and more excessive than usual. From moto jackets to pants to outerwear to even tank tops, all clothing has the opportunity to take on a sexier edge by opting for it in leather—both real and faux. Don’t be surprised when you see your favorite fashion girls dressed head-to-toe in it this season.

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Source: Larroudé

Whether you like it or not, clogs are here, and they’re chunkier and more out-there than ever. You’ve probably already gotten a glimpse of TikTokers wearing the classic Birkenstock versions that had a chokehold on us in middle school, but colorful, embellishment-adorned versions are going to be having their moment too. Think platform soles, bright colors, and even some sherpa here and there.

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Source: Brandon Maxwell

In a juxtaposition to the comfortable, concealing pieces of COVID-19 autumns past, this season, the waist is back. If you’ve been on social media lately, it’s probably no surprise that the rise of corsets is here to stay, as the sexy, shape-shifting piece has been gaining popularity for quite some time. This fall, you’ll see corseted waists built into tops and dresses, and—you guessed it—in lots of leather, resulting in a sultry vibe that’s reason enough to have the motivation to get out of the house.

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A classic button-up is a fashion constant, but this year’s take is a little bit more bulky than usual (Chessy from The Parent Trap would be so proud). Put your slim-fit button-ups on hold and exchange them for an oversized version that’ll make anything you pair it with feel off-duty model, streetwear-ready. The best part? They’ll look good even just paired with jeans.

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Y2K, well, everything is having a strong comeback this year, and one of the most nostalgia-inducing trends is at the forefront for fall: cargo. The ever-recognizable khaki color and relaxed fit is a favorite for becoming the bottom of the season, partially due to stars like Dua Lipa being spotted in it recently. This season, the utilitarian vibe is being seen on pants and skirts alike.

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Source: Bottega Veneta

Also in an ode to early aughts fashion, the white tank is a fall ’22 trend you probably already have in your closet. On fall 2022 runways, designers like Prada, Chloe, and Bottega Veneta all featured white tanks shining all on their own. Style yours with leather pants, your favorite baggy jeans, or a maxi skirt to take advantage of it as the ultimate transitional piece.

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Source: Fendi

If there’s one area that’s destined to get a little out-of-the-box come fall, it’s accessories, and this year’s are fuzzy and fun. From sherpa shoes to furry bucket hats, this season’s accessories are anything but boring and are made to draw the eye.

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Source: Gabriela Hearst

After what seems like ages with the mini skirt being one of the coolest things to wear, hems are taking a much longer turn for fall. Long, draping maxi skirts in all shapes and sizes are the perfect juxtaposition to the ultra-minis of late, and we’re ready to give them their moment.

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There’s nothing wrong with the desire to be comfy and cozy, and with this season’s outerwear, you can leave the house as wrapped up as you’d be if you were still on the couch. Big, welcoming coats (that sometimes resemble your favorite robe) will keep you warm and stylish—and isn’t that all a girl can dream of? Expect to see them in a variety of textures and colors to remind us that there’s no reason to concede to a black puffer this year.

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