RIU Palace Kukulkan Destination Weddings

Named after the almighty Mesoamerican serpent deity K’uk’ulkan, this adults-only slice of paradise offers all-inclusive amenities we all worship: rejuvenating steam baths and relaxation pools, exciting catamaran tours of the Caribbean, and top-tier gastronomy ranging from all-day buffets with live cooking demonstrations to mouthwatering international cuisines.

Opening in November 2022, RIU Palace Kukulkan will showcase nature-imbued wedding venues courtesy of its sister resort, RIU Palace Peninsula. Each offering 100 guest-max capacities, the resort’s beach and garden ceremony spaces deliver sweeping panoramic views of the Caribbean, all tucked away from the rest of the resort’s clientele. The best part? You won’t have to travel far in those heels (or flats) to get to your scintillating cocktail hour and reception. Flexible and efficient, your future on-site wedding department will convert your garden aisle to a tropical flora-infused soirée

During your stay, you’ll have all-inclusive access to four refreshing outdoor pools, one of which features a swim-up bar serving up an endless well of cocktails. After enjoying a variety of beachside BBQ sandwiches at Pepe’s Food Grill, make sure to pamper yourself at Renova Spa, where the aforementioned relaxation pools and steam baths will ensure you reach full Zen. Feeling adventurous? You’ll be able to enjoy full resort privileges at RIU’s neighboring Cancun properties. You know what that means: access to multiple water activities like catamaran sailing, kayaking, and bodyboarding.

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