New Footage Shows August Alsina Ignoring Tory Lanez

A new video has surfaced, seemingly showing what led to the altercation between August Alsina and Tory Lanez.

In the recently released footage, posted by comedian Skinbone on his profile @youcan_this, August is seen walking toward a crowd of people, including Lanez. As he approaches, Lanez extends his hand for a handshake, to which Alsina swiftly moves to dodge the gesture.

Immediately after the awkward exchange, Tory’s security seemingly consoles him before they leave the area. The camera then cuts to a new clip, showing the “Chixtapes” singer walking back down the same hallway. While it’s unclear where Tory was headed, people in the background encouraged Tory to stand down, with one yelling, “Don’t do it; you already shot Megan.”

In the following clip, which seems to be after the alleged altercation, Tory is once again seen walking down the hallway; this time, he seems to be explaining something sternly to his security as a bystander yells, “You knocked his ass out.”

“Tory said he just knocked August Alsina’s ass right out,” the bystander continued. “He said one punch crushed his ass.”

In the final clip, Tory is seen in lighter spirits as he high-fives people in the crowd. Skinbone promised to release the full video at a later time, but there has not been an update as of yet.

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