Scam: Sergio Quintero

Sergio Quintero

I was looking for a new cleaning lady, so I posted my requirements on Nextdoor. Someone recommended Kenya. That someone was Sergio Quintero. Kenya’s husband. Only he didn’t disclose that.

Since this was by referral (and I thought it’s an unbiased third party), I figured that my likelihood of getting a bad service was pretty low. Boy, was I wrong. Terrible from start to finish.

I messaged the phone number I was given, and “Kenya” responded. The reason that’s in quotation marks is because it actually wasn’t Kenya, but Sergio, pretending to be Kenya. He didn’t respond back, explaining the situation – he just let me believe it’s Kenya.

Anyways, I explained what I wanted, and we basically agreed to the duties and the price ($100).

The duties were:

  • Dusting
  • Mopping
  • Cleaning windows
  • Laundry
  • Changing bedsheets

The day Kenya was supposed to come, I got a text message 20 minutes before our meeting that “she won’t make it.” Because of a “family emergency.” Based on the events that happened later, I doubt there was an actual family emergency, but since I can’t verify that, I gave them the benefit of the doubt. So we agreed on the following day, at 9:30AM.

Kenya finally arrived at 10:20AM. Nobody messaged my wife or I, giving us a heads up that she’ll be 50 minutes late. And yet, I sent my address to Sergio 4 days earlier. So no reason to come this late, when they could have just looked up the route to get there well ahead of time.

Once she got there, we realized she doesn’t speak English, and needs to use Google Translate to get the message across. Or, we could speak on the phone to Sergio, who speaks English. That’s fine.

When she arrived, Sergio called me (I was at work, not at home), saying that Kenya wouldn’t be doing bathrooms or kitchen, because we didn’t agree on that. Excuse me, but the ad said I needed “condo cleaning.” Not “part of a condo” cleaning. I took it for granted that kitchen and bathrooms would be included… because they’re part of the condo.

I’ve had a number of cleaning ladies over the years, and I’ve never had to specify to also clean the kitchen and bathrooms. That was a given. Taken for granted. Furthermore, the Molly Maid site even states that these are standard.

I explained all that to Sergio, but he was adamant we pay extra for kitchen and bathrooms. I apologized to him, said that they were included, and if they didn’t want to do it, don’t start the cleaning, and please go home.

He said we wasted his wife’s time, because she took the TTC. First of all, according to Sergio, it takes an hour by TTC to get to us. And yet, she was 50 minutes late. Which means that she left only 10 minutes before our appointment time. Hmmm…. Furthermore, Sergio never offered an apology for Kenya being that late.

After asking Sergio to send Kenya home, he finally accepted what we originally agreed to, to begin with – condo cleaning. Not “part of a condo” cleaning. But he clearly wasn’t happy about it.

As for Kenya, she was actually quite polite and apologetic about the confusion. She was very nice to deal with. My wife noticed her humming a tune, so offered to put on some music while she was cleaning. My wife asked Kenya what kind of music she would like, and my wife turned on that music.

Kenya left on friendly terms, and even texted my wife later “I did the cleaning for you. I hope you liked it. Happy afternoon.”

Anyways, terrible experience dealing with Sergio (but not Kenya). Who is this guy? He does demolition, garbage disposal, repairs, etc. And his phone number is 647-949-4889.

Buyer beware.

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