H. 5399 Moves to SC Senate- Details to take action!

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H. 5399 Moves to SC Senate- Details to take action!

by Ashley Lidow on Sep 2, 2022

After thousands of South Carolinians raised their voice in opposition and hundreds packed the statehouse the House of Representative passed an extreme abortion ban on August 30. This means that H.5399 will now go to the Senate for debate. South Carolina already has an extreme abortion law on the books and while it was in effect for 6 weeks caused immeasurable harm to the people in our state.

Now we need everyone to call your Senator immediately and tell them to vote NO on H. 5399 before the bill is debated on the Senate floor on Wednesday, September 7. https://p2a.co/rllc2ps


If you are able to show up for either of these dates that would be amazing:

Senate Medical Affairs Meeting – Tuesday, Sept. 6

Full Senate returns to debate bill – Wednesday, Sept. 7

  • Show up at 9am at the North grounds to meet and then 10 am, State House lobby, 2nd floor – fill the lobby to put pressure on senators

Additional Resources:

  • Link to the current bill language of H.5399- https://www.scstatehouse.gov/sess124_2021-2022/prever/5399_20220830.htm
  • Expert testimony was given to Senate Medical Affairs
  • SCCADVASA executive director Sara Barber recently penned an OpEd published in the August 13 weekend edition of The Post & Courier that speaks to the impact SC’s new and pending abortion legislation has on victims of domestic and sexual violence.  Read that here.
  • The Turnaway Study conducted at the University of California, San Francisco, shows that women experience harm from being denied a wanted abortion. These findings have far-reaching implications for lawmakers, judges, health agencies and others as they consider policies that restrict abortion access. Factsheet here.

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