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I have many positive dreams for my community and I am committed to them on a daily basis to better understand their needs and make my contribution to building a better future.

I have a relatively rich associative life. I get involved thoroughly, because I consider associations as real spaces of socialization in which we transmit collective values while strengthening our own capacities to act positively on the global society.

Spending the summer working with Texas girls

The Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) Fellowship Program is currently my ray of sunshine. Launched in 2015, the program is powered and fully sponsored by the United States Department of State, it enables emerging entrepreneurs in the Western Hemisphere to realize the full economic potential of citizens in the region. YLAI promotes positive business models and values, facilitates commercial, entrepreneurial and academic exchanges while encouraging job creation, wealth creation and building sustainable networks between young entrepreneurs and business leaders around the world.

My fellowship activities have taken me since June 10 to Austin, Texas, along with 10 other brilliant fellows from various industries. The University of Austin at Texas is our co-host for the cohort. We also work extensively with DELL Technologies, one of the largest ICT companies in the world.

During my fellowship I had the privilege of participating in many events with young people. It’s so fascinating to meet these young girls! Discussing their dreams, their expectations was one of the highlights of the program. Furthermore, the scholarship holders of the Mandala Scholarship Program have a tremendous impact on me. The exchanges, the dreams, the connections, the stories, the passion… everything blew my mind.

In Haiti, with our partner TSF, the essential work of LEV’ELLES UP is to continue to train women and girls. The main objective is to contribute to the empowerment of women because we strongly believe that women can achieve any goal, that they are intelligent, strong, resilient and dedicated to succeed. In Haiti, my work with girls mostly consists of training in self-esteem, civics, empowerment, citizenship education, and art and creative industries. With adult women, the training consists of educating businesswomen in the informal sector through financial education, the basic skills to leverage their entrepreneurial skills and their abilities to grow financially.

Experiencing the magic of Summer CAMP at Girls Empowerment Network

The week of June 20 was one of the most significant for me. I indeed had the privilege of working as a facilitator at the Girls Empowerment Network Summer CAMP. Without a doubt one of the most unforgettable events of my YLAI experience. As an adult, it was my first time as a team camp leader, and I worked as a camp leader in the yellow team with Mallory who is an amazing woman.

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