WEEK OF September 12 – 1 8, 2022

You’ve probably been accused (at least once) of being “dramatic,” Gemini, but what exactly are people trying to say? While we’d never tell you to tone it down, here’s something to consider: Have you created enough safe outlets for your big, big feelings? This week, Mercury retrograde is paddling back through Libra and your passionate fifth house, which is sure to put some firepower behind your words. Knowing that, you’d be wise to remind yourself that “timing is everything” when it comes to having powerful conversations. That goes double if you are trying to unleash any unprocessed thoughts that get you all spun up. People need to be in the right headspace to give you the kind of undivided attention you need (and yes, deserve). But they might not be able to drop everything on demand. Since that could strain your bonds now, give your important feelings the TLC they deserve. Whether it’s an incredible therapist, game-changing coach or a support group you organize yourself, dedicating spaces to these essential “outflows” will release your internal pressure valve!

On Friday, you might be susceptible to taking things (too) personally when Venus in your sensitive fourth house spins into an aggro square with rowdy Mars in Gemini. With the feisty red planet in your sign, you could be (secretly) spoiling for a fight, and with peacekeeping Venus getting muted, even a little friction can escalate into an explosive outburst. The trick, of course, is catching yourself before you reach the breaking point. That can be dicey when people are pushing your buttons, but if you can stay out of their energetic force field, you can stay grounded and invulnerable. And since these two ARE the cosmic lovebirds, your own romantic boat could get rocked. Consider this an opportunity to reflect on the balance in a key relationship. Have you been bending over backwards to accommodate bae? A better question: Why? Love isn’t defined by endless sacrifices, and one too many hurtful comments could get under your skin and inspire you to do something impulsive (hello, Mars!). So pull away and devote time to you, yourself and your own favorite people and pursuits!

Sunday will be especially sentimental and even downright supernatural! The Sun and alchemical Pluto team up in the most intuitive zones of your chart. An issue that’s been bugging you could finally be resolved—internally, at least. The right answer for YOU will become clear as day. Listen to your gut, your guides…whatever you want to call it. While this might mean separating from a group or a situation that you’re attached to, so be it. Let go so that you can grow. Your true supporters will be sad to see you go, but happy to see you shine at your brightest potential.


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