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A few years ago, Beachbody launched LIIFT4 – a hybrid program made up of HIIT and weight lifting that created fat burning results along with lean, toned muscle. That program was so popular that Joel Freeman and the Beachbody team designed a follow up program called LIIFT MORE that’s launching this August (jump on the list to get a head’s up when it’s live).


It promises all the same benefits of LIIFT4, but it’s more focused on lifting (less on HITT) to help burn fat which building strength and muscle tone.  

The Skinny on LIIFT MORE

This is for you if you love to lift weights. There’s a total of 40 unique workouts in the program and they’re about 35–45 minutes long.  The program schedule i 5 days a week, for 8 weeks.  

But it’s not just weight lifting! it blends calorie-torching HIIT so you get the fat burning benefits in less time.  Each workout ends with a core workout, which if I’m being honest, I’ll probably skip more often than not.  

Soooooo not a fan of core work.

Beachbody describes LIIFT MORE as a similar, no-nonsense resistance program that won’t disappoint anyone who loved its predecessor, LIIFT4.

lift more joel freeman

Why I think you’ll love LIIFT MORE

I think you’re going to enjoy the progressive design of this program.  That means it gets harder as you get stronger.  The program is broken down into 2 phases, 4 weeks each: Phase 1 helps you build strength and shape, and Phase 2 pumps up the volume and intensity with more combinations and reps to help you burn body fat and give you a more sculpted look.

What Equipment Does LIFT MORE Require?

Same as with Liift4, you’ll need a set of light, medium, and heavy dumbbells, a set of power loops and if you have one, a workout bench is helpful.  If you don’t, you can improvise with a step.

As I always say, body transformations are NEVER just about the workout.  If you want to see results – you’ve got to make sure you’re eating right!  

But don’t let that deter you.  If you’re someone who doesn’t like structured diets, I recommend checking out the 2b Mindset program.  You get it free for one month when you purchase this program.

If you’re a type-a person who is super motivated to get results and you like a lot of structure, then check out the Portion Fix program, which is also included free for the first month.  

If you just want to mind your macros and calories, but eat what you want, then I suggest figuring out and counting your macros.

Which Supplements Should You Use with LIIFT MORE?

I highly recommend going with the performance supplements when doing LIIFT MORE.  The pre-workout is plant-based and natural ingredients, but it will give you a natural boost to get through the workouts. 

Beachbody Recover is designed to help your muscles recover and repair so you’re not sore after your workouts.  It’s also great for squeezing in more protein in a delicious way (the chocolate protein is SO good).

LIFT MORE Before and After Results

Before and after photos are so fun, right?  I love seeing how normal people have transformed themselves.  I get so inspired, because if they can do it, we can too. 

But remember – these results are never just about the workouts.  These guys stuck to their nutrition plans as well!

lift more before and after woman
LIFT MORE results woman
lift more results
lift more before and after man

Try the LIIFT MORE Sample Workout

Be sure to give the sample workout a whirl.  It’s a great way to get in a good sweat while getting a vibe for the whole program.  Let me know what you think!

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