WEEK OF September 12 – 1 8, 2022

Save it to a wish list, Virgo! At least for a minute? Your ruler Mercury spends its first full week in retrograde, backing up through Libra and your money-minded second house. Before you make another investment, you’d be wise to review your budget with a magnifying glass. What budget, you ask? If you’ve been spending indiscriminately (or simply without awareness), now’s the time to stop bleeding red ink. Delayed gratification can get you back in command of your fiscal future, even if the belt-cinching is a beast. If you’re in a solid state with your funds, use this week to review the projects on your plate. Is the fall lineup destined to bring a healthy ROI or were you about to just “go through the motions” or even experiment wildly? Bring a healthy balance of stable and experimental and you’ll knock it out of the park.

Are your relationships needs getting met? As Venus in Virgo collides with “fast and furious” Mars in your future-oriented tenth house this Friday, you’ll be on quite the tear to figure out what might be missing. This could relate to a professional liaison—or your own personal love goals—or maybe a bit of both? Whatever your current status, you’re already looking way down the road. If you’re in a solid union, you might be feeling pressure to make a big commitment or take an irreversible next step. Stop and ask yourself this: Is this absolutely necessary NOW? Or if you’re looking to shake up the status quo, what does THAT look like? Nothing wrong with needing some breathing room. Just be honest about it. But don’t start a fight to create emotional distance or project fears onto your partner. The clearer you are, the more manifesting mojo you’ll have at your disposal. Single? Not sure why you haven’t met your match? Don’t wag any fingers of blame. This might be the perfect opportunity to do a little “field research” and see what happens if you put yourself in a new environment this Friday night—and all through the weekend!

On Sunday, make sure that you’re “spotlight ready.” With the Virgo Sun in a powerful alliance with Pluto in Capricorn and your fame corner, you could attract attention from unexpected sources. Truth is, these people have had their eyes on you for a while, but you may not have realized it. Don’t get self-conscious, Virgo, just figure out ways you might leverage the connection. Perhaps it’s time to set up a formal meeting to discuss a collaboration. Don’t be shy about steering conversations towards win-win opportunities. This cosmic coupling can amplify your romantic sparkle. Beam those charms selectively because your magnetism will be hard to resist.


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