Aries Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF September 12 – 1 8, 2022

Relationship review time! With Mercury on its first full week in retrograde, your mind may turn to the closest connections in your life—and namely, how the heck to bring them all back into balance. The messenger planet is paddling back through Libra all week, the ruler of your seventh house of committed partnerships. This backspin could bring second thoughts about a recent decision or even leave you questioning the state of a certain union. Let yourself go there, Aries, but consider making this more of an internal process than something you should rush to bring to the table for discussion. You’re likely to change your mind at least twenty times. (Should we sell the house and move into separate places? Is it time for us to get engaged?) Know that Mercury will pass back through this zone again in clear-thinking, direct motion from October 10 to 29. For now, just allow yourself to ponder every possibility—perhaps with a good old-fashioned flow chart!

Friday evening, love planets Venus and Mars lock into a tense square, which could drive up your energy and motivation while also leaving you depleted. The thing NOT to do is swing to extremes. We’re not saying finding a point of equilibrium will be easy, but you CAN hold it as a goal, even as your emotions and passions surge like a storm-tossed sea. Under this complicated mashup, your logic and good judgment may be MIA—at a time when you need them most. Of course, for your renegade sign, giving in to these “moments” can be liberating. But with Mars in your flirtatious third house and Venus in your traditional sixth, you’ll need to exercise self-restraint so you don’t get totally overwhelmed. This goes double for coupled Caps. Even if your solid union has slipped into a state of doldrums, take that as a sign that it needs a little relationship Rx—not as an excuse to go on a “fishing expedition.”

On Sunday, the Virgo Sun flows into a harmonious trine (120-degree angle) with powerhouse Pluto in your ambitious tenth house. Along with a triple shot of motivation, your competitive side comes out to play. Good thing, since you may discover that someone else in your industry is hot on your heels. Don’t stress, Aries; just recommit to crushing it again and you’ll pull ahead. Are you ready to be the ruler of your own profitable empire? If it’s time to quit your day job to pursue your dreams, Sunday’s stars help you map out your exit strategy. Maybe you see an opportunity to work more independently at your existing gig. Spend time working on your pitch so you can deliver it to the decision makers next week.


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